We’ve tried to answer some of our most commonly asked questions here for you:

Why choose Dream Boat Club?

Dream Boat Club is part of the « Dream Yacht Charter », group, the world leader in boat rental with close to 1 000 boats around the world. This expertise guarantees you an incomparable level of service. If you’re passionate about sailing but want complete freedom from the overheads of ownership, becoming a member of Dream Boat Club gives you access to:

  • A wide choice of new boats, available even in the height of the season,
  • Personnalised training according to your level of experience,
  • Direct access to the sea avoiding the overheads, contracts, insurances…
  • A team at your service,
  • The pleasures of sailing without the constraints!

Do I have to wait until the beginning of the summer to join?

The number of members of Dream Boat Club is limited to guarantee a quality of service. This is why we advise you to join throughout the year, so you will be guaranteed to be one of our exclusive members!

How can I be sure that my boat will be available?

Thanks to our system which works on a ratio of 1 boat to every 5 members, with 2 simultaneous reservations per member, you have the guarantee to have the boat you have reserved.

Who carries out the checks on the condition of the boat?

Members check the condition of the boat before their departure. If you notice anything you’re concerned about, just send us a text to let us know and you’ll be relieved of any responsibility. But, don’t worry, all our boats are new and regulary checked!

Can we share the same plan with several members?

You can share the same plan between two members, with one boat at a time. Dream Boat Club will thus respect the member/boat ratio and ensure maximum availability.

Can I sail throughout the year?

Your membership allow you to hit the water all year round, not just during the summer season. Thanks to our bases in some of the main French and UK ports, you will be able to sail whenever you want.

Do I need to pay a deposit for each use?

No, we will only ask you for one deposit per season, by cheque or bank transfer.

The weather conditions are bad, will I lose my Turtle credits?

If the weather stops you taking to the water, reservation credits will not be charged. At Dream Boat Club, your safety is our priority.

Can I arrange a fishing trip very early in the morning?

Yes, all you need to do is call the base manager who will tell you where and how to get the boat for a self-starter.

Am I guaranteed of a place for next season?

Renewing your Club membership will be automatically offered to you at the end of your subscription period. Existing members have priority to renew their subscription.